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Care Services


Although we provide care and support in a home environment, we are trained and prepared to manage the most complex medical needs with many on our communities offering 24-hour nursing care. Our care-giving staff are on-site 24/7, awake and always engaged. To ensure a continuum of care, we work with the residents’ existing physicians, social workers and caregivers. We also offer on-site physician services, home health and therapy services, hospice and pharmacy services.

Physical Disabilities

A variety of physical disabilities and chronic health conditions can make it harder to do everyday activities like walking, getting dressed, bathing, and preparing meals independently.

We can support all activities of daily living, Hoyer and other lifts and two person transfers.

Higher Acuity

Residents often present challenging medical conditions, and they have significant, unpredictable needs. In response, our nurses provide compassionate, knowledgeable care that is both

prompt and professional. 

Our highly skilled multi-disciplined teams of caregivers provide expertise for pain and

symptom management.

We provide diabetic management (including sliding scale), continence care, catheter and colostomy care, wound care, oxygen, and nebulizers among other complex cares.

Hospice Care

Residents and families are well accommodated during this time to ensure a dignified and meaningful experience.

Our staff supports the Hospice team making sure all the resident’s daily needs are met, regardless of the severity of their health concerns.

Head Injuries/Mental Health, Strokes, Depression, Anxiety, Agitation and Sleep Issues

These situations require specialized care and training.

Our nurses and caregivers are thoroughly trained and receive ongoing training to support residents with these conditions.

Emotional Support

At The Lodges we have a full-time certified Person-Centered Advisor to ensure our residents feel supported emotionally as well as physically.

Our Person-Centered Advisor works with the residents and staff to facilitate positive relationships and ensures a "resident first" approach. Our Person-Centered Advisor strives to help residents establish emotional tools that can help them live happy lives and identifies coping skills for any challenges residents may face.

Memory Care

Problems with memory, disorientation and cognition often get in the way of doing normal daily activities and communicating with others. 

Our staff at the Lodges is specially trained to understand these concerns – managing the behavior issues that sometimes accompany them, along with the frustration, fear, and confusion they may experience.

Nurse Onsite 24 Hours / Nurse On-Call 24 Hours

Our residents have peace of mind knowing they will be well cared for, both day and night.

Open Door Visiting Hours

The Lodges does not have specific visiting hours and welcomes guests anytime of the day.

Home-Cooked Meals

Residents are encouraged to build relationships with their housemates while enjoying traditional family recipes, customized for their tastes and preferences.

Personalized Care Plans

All Lodges residents receive a specialized care plan that is specific to their needs.


Multi-Disciplined Care Team

Our team is trained to care for each resident's physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.


Housekeeping and Laundry

We take care of housekeeping and laundry so that our residents can have more time for visitors, hobbies, and other interests.

Awake Care Around-the-Clock

Our staff is awake 24/7 making sure our residents are always comfortable.

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